June 2017

So, remember when I said markets go up and down all the time? Check it out, Funders!


This is the three-month view of our test case investment! The test was bought in early March, as prices were starting to fall a bit. And then... well, they kept falling. But we're on the upswing again, so I'm feeling good! 

Want to see something even crazier?


Daily return 5.26.17.PNG

That's just ONE DAY. And, yes, this graph is on a different scale than the three-month one, so the hourly swings here look crazy even though we're talking about a fluctuation of 11 cents. 

I hope this illustrates my point - the market goes up and down every second of every day and life goes on. Unless you're a day trader* or have all of your money in one stock, an 11 cent fluctuation isn't going to make or break you.

So, where are we as we go into June? Honestly, not any closer to getting that non-profit status and opening this thing up (if any of y'all know anybody who wants to help a human out, email me).  Financially, we're doing better than this time last month but we're still not where we want to be.

The Trust Fund owns six shares, purchased at $78.55 per share. At 4PM  June 2, 2017, the ETF closed at $78.60. If all the shares were sold today, we'd gain 5 cents a share (30 cents overall). That means we currently own $471.60 of our initial $471.30 investment! That's a GAIN, folks.

We've also started seeing those dividends come in and get reinvested. The Trust Fund total dividends so far tally $3.44. That means in multiple ways The Trust Fund's investment grew this month and THAT means a few things:

  1. We are actually raising money to fund abortion through the stock market and, consequently,
  2. This model of fundraising can actually work!

So after a rough first month and some modest gains this month, fear not! As a good friend reminded me recently "no amount is too small in the world of abortion funding."

*A day trader is just what it sounds like - a person who buys shares in a stock, tracks the performance and sells all their shares the same day. The goal is to maximize profit from these small changes in the value of the stock.