May 2017

Alright, Funders! We are 2 months into The Trust Fund’s test case and the results are… disappointing. But have no fear- this is all expected and fixable. Let me explain.

As of Friday’s closing bell, the investment was trading at $77.79 per share. When we bought the initial shares, they were trading at $78.55. That means we’ve lost 76 cents per share in two months. Big picture? If we sold all The Trust Fund’s shares today, we'd get back $466.74 of the $500.00 invested in March (about 93%). This does not feel awesome.

But here’s the thing:

Markets do this ALL. THE. TIME. Stocks go up and down every day. We’re interested in long-term growth. We want our money to age and grow to build power and fund abortion for the present AND the future.

We’ve also invested in an ETF that is designed to mimic the market. The returns on the sale of these shares isn’t ever going to be huge and that is okay. In fact, we chose this particular investment primarily for the dividend potential. That means we expect to collect money quarterly from the investment and use that money to fund abortion. The dividends won’t be much, but this way we can quietly and consistently grow our financial power without putting a ton of energy to it. That way we can focus on fundraising and add new money to the investment and continue the cycle of growth.

So where do we go from here? The Trust Fund is staying the course, collecting those dividends and connecting with people to officially incorporate and get that non-profit status so you can donate!  We’re hoping to have this squared away by the end of the year and appreciate your continued investment The Trust Fund.